The World Conference On Islamic Thought & Civilization (WCIT) started as a biennial conference addressing contemporary issues, and has been organized by Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS) since 2012, with participants coming from more than 15 countries. The Conference is organized under the patronage of the Perak State Government. The initial purpose of the event is to be the platform for the Muslim World to provide the proposals, for the solutions to global issues pertaining humankind.

Retrospectively, WCIT 2014 had accepted more than 450 abstracts, 300 presented papers and participations from 15 countries. The theme for the 2014 Conference was ‘The Rise And Fall Of Civilization : Contemporary States of Muslim Affairs’.

‘Future World’ was the theme for WCIT2016, in response to the pledge of the United Nations Post 2015 Development Agenda. The World We Want was the outcome of the UN dialogues on the implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and WCIT2016 is taking the challenge to provide the answering call. It received participations from 10 countries, with more than 200 abstracts submitted and 80 papers presented. WCIT 2016 was conducted with the hope of charting and laying down the foundation; for the intellectual platform and discourse of our vision for the future world.

The Conference in 2016 had seen to a new format where distinguished speakers graced the event for distinguished session, forums and satellite sessions.

As a continuity for WCIT 2016, WCIT 2017 carries the theme of ‘Global Peace’. Starting in 2017, WCIT undergoes a significant transformation on two fronts:

1) WCIT has become a state event for the Malaysian State of Perak; and
2) WCIT will now be an annual feature with the involvement from both the University and the State.